Court of Appeals Chief Judge Linda McGee gave a presentation to 16 middle-school-age students who are part of the homeschool cooperative ministry “SEEK” in Cary, North Carolina. The students were part of the co-op’s Active Participants in Government and Legal Systems enrichment class which met on September 22. Along with attorney Anthony Biller, Chief Judge McGee taught on the role and function of the Judicial Branch and the North Carolina court system.

“As a teacher, parent, and an active North Carolina citizen, I am grateful to the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts for such a great learning experience with the sincere hope that many other students will have the opportunity of learning from judges like Chief Judge McGee and attorneys like Anthony Biller. They were willing to meet and related to the future generation, and build relationships between everyday citizens and the Judicial Branch,” said Jennifer Kirby, SEEK homeschool teacher and parent.

SEEK is a 650 student co-op which offers classes that are supplemental to traditional homeschool curriculum. The class, Active Participants in Government and Legal Systems, is designed to educate students who will become participants in state and local government.

“Each student left class equipped with first-hand knowledge, and most importantly, an understanding our legal system of which they can be proud. Chief Judge McGee and attorney Anthony Biller not only taught these students, but truly connected with them on a personal level,” Jennifer Kirby said.

Chief Appellate Court Judge Linda McGee was contacted through the N.C. Judicial Branch Speakers Bureau which is a free public service provided by the judicial and legal community of North Carolina to raise awareness and understanding of the N.C. court system. Led by Supreme Court Justices Paul Newby and Sam Ervin IV, the Speakers Bureau is a united effort to support civics education by engaging stakeholders throughout the bench and bar to inform the public about the rule of law, the judicial system, and what it means for our society. Please contact the N.C. Judicial Branch Speakers Bureau online to book a speaker at your next event.

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