Associate Justice Anita Earls (right) greets a student after her presentation on the Bill of Rights.

Supreme Court of North Carolina Associate Justice Anita Earls addressed more than 100 high school students on March 12 during the annual Rule of Law Day event conducted by the Wake County Bar Association. Held at the Campbell University School of Law in Raleigh, Rule of Law Day brought together high school students, judges, and attorneys to discuss constitutional issues in small groups and on discussion panels. Justice Earls kicked-off the day with a presentation on the Bill of Rights which focused on each amendment and the rights contained therein.

Following Justice Earls’ presentation, she opened the floor for a question and answer period with students. The questions centered on her background, her decision to become an attorney, and the ‘free exercise’ and ‘establishment’ clause contained within the First Amendment. After the question and answer period concluded, students broke-up into small groups led by volunteer attorneys to develop skits to role play hypothetical situations involving one of the rights established in the Bill of Rights.

Rule of Law Day concluded with a panel discussion about the skits, closing remarks, and dismissal.

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