Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson speaks to high school students in Caldwell County

From the Lenoir News-Topic

To the editor:

On April 26, N.C. Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson visited Caldwell Early College High School. On that day, reporter Kara Fohner of the Lenoir News-Topic reported that we, the ninth-grade students of Caldwell Early College High School, were “sleepy-looking.” We found this statement very discourteous to our class and school. We were very excited to have Justice Jackson at our school as she gave us very useful information pertaining to the judicial system. The term “sleepy-looking” made it sound as if we were not listening to Justice Jackson, or we were not enthusiastic about Justice Jackson’s presence at our school. At the Early College, we are taught from day one that we are to welcome all guests with open arms, and that we are to be on our best behavior during their presentation or visitation. In fact, our school is known for the character traits shown by students during presentations. Another character topic that is also stressed in our curriculum is Ron Clark’s Essential 55. Mr. Clark’s Essential 55 rules are a list of 55 character traits and rules that should be followed in school and everyday life. These rules are hanging up in every room, and in ninth grade Seminar class, students spend their first semester reading and studying these rules. A rule pertaining to this situation would be Rule #25, which states, “Greet visitors and make them feel welcome.” If you were not aware, two students from our ninth-grade class greeted Justice Jackson at her car and introduced themselves. They also presented her with a parking pass. The ninth-grade class of Caldwell Early College High School would like the community and Justice Jackson to know that we were very excited and grateful that she came and presented to us. Yes, it was 8:15 in the morning, but we were not “sleepy-looking.” It was 8:15 in the morning, and we were more than excited for Justice Jackson to be there. It was 8:15 and we were attentive. We do pardon Ms. Fohner for her discourteous comment. The Caldwell Early College High School provides a learning community where the students believe that educators know them, care about them, and expect them to succeed. Caldwell Early College High School will graduate all of its students ready for college, career, and life.

DaKare Chatman, ninth-grade

Caldwell Early College High School

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