Davidson and Davie counties' legal communities are hosting a luncheon to celebrate the district courts' 50th anniversary on Monday, Oct. 17. Following the luncheon, the Court of Appeals, which typically sits in Raleigh, will hold a special session where a panel of judges will hear two cases. These events honor the achievements of the Judicial Branch since becoming a unified court system and establishing the district courts 50 years ago in 1966.

The luncheon celebration is by invitation only and will take place at the Lexington YMCA. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Linda McGee is the featured speaker and will be available for interviews. The special session is being held at the Davidson County Courthouse and is open to the public, including credentialed media.

For more information on how the N.C. courts are commemorating this historic anniversary, please visit Celebrate.NCcourts.org

Celebration luncheon and Court of Appeals special session.

The Court of Appeals panel will include Chief Judge Linda McGee, Judge John M. Tyson, and Judge Wendy M. Enochs. Chief Judge McGee is the featured speaker at the luncheon.

Monday, Oct. 17 – Luncheon is at noon. Court of Appeals special session begins at 2 p.m.

Luncheon – Lexington YMCA, 119 West Third Avenue, Lexington.
Special session – Davidson County Courthouse, 110 West Center St., Lexington.


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