The Court of Appeals met for the first time at the Davidson County Courthouse.

The legal community of Davidson and Davie Counties came together at a luncheon on Monday, Oct. 17, to celebrate a historic anniversary milestone – the 50th Anniversary of the North Carolina District Courts. The luncheon was followed by a special session of the Court of Appeals, which met at the Davidson County Courthouse for the first time in its history.  

“This anniversary was a time to recognize our district court’s significant contributions to the lives of the citizens of Davidson and Davie counties, and the lives of all North Carolinians," said Chief Judge Wayne Michael of Judicial District 22B. "I would like to thank Court of Appeals Chief Judge Linda McGee for honoring Davidson County with a special session of the court.” 

A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals, comprised of Judge John Tyson, Judge Wendy Enochs and Chief Judge McGee, heard two cases which began at 2:00 p.m. in the Davidson County Courthouse. The public was invited to attend the court’s special session held in part to celebrate court anniversaries, and educate the public about the function that N.C. courts serve in our state.

“Attending the luncheon event and holding court in Davidson County was a great opportunity for our judges to share more about the Court of Appeals’ role in North Carolina’s Judicial Branch,” said Chief Judge McGee. “I am proud of the district court in Davidson and Davie counties that have worked to bring their community together over the past 50 years.”

The 50th anniversary of the district courts will be celebrated in each county across the state during this momentous year, bringing together key court system stakeholders and its citizens. For more information, please visit


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