Justices of the Supreme Court of North Carolina and judges of the North Carolina Court of Appeals participated in live presentations about the 1868 N.C. Constitution in the House Chamber of the North Carolina State Capitol. This presentation was held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1868 N.C. Constitution and the Supreme Court’s bicentennial anniversary.

The event began with Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Paul Newby and University of North Carolina School of Law Professor John Orth discussing the important legacy of North Carolina’s 1868 Constitution. Following this discussion, Attorney Ann McColl, associate justices of the Supreme Court, and judges of the Court of Appeals presented “Constitutional Tales,” a live performance that recreated the debates and other important events surrounding North Carolina’s 1868 Constitutional Convention.

Other highlights of the event included a welcome from Chief Justice Mark Martin and introduction from Court of Appeals Judge Robert Hunter. After the event, a reception was provided by Sandra Timmons with help from the North Carolina Bar Association.

“We brought history to life tonight through talented volunteers and organizers of this event. It felt truly historic because our reenactment took place on the very spot on which the original events occurred in the House Chamber,” said Judge Robert Hunter.

In 2019, the Supreme Court of North Carolina will be celebrating its 200th anniversary and has been holding special sessions and civics education events across the state. These events are designed to draw attention to the importance and role of the Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the rule of law. McColl, an attorney practicing in the field of education law since 1991, created “Constitutional Tales,” which recreated debates and other important events surrounding the 1868 Constitution of North Carolina. Judges of the appellate courts, which are North Carolina’s highest courts, participated in this event as a way to breathe life into history and illustrate how the 1868 North Carolina Constitution originated.  

To learn more about the Supreme Court of North Carolina’s bicentennial anniversary, please visit Celebrate.NCcourts.org

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