Old Beaufort County Courthouse

The Beaufort County legal community is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the N.C. District Courts and their celebration was previewed in an article by the Washington Daily News entitled "Reception Celebrates History of Courts." Their event is planned for October 21 at the Old Beaufort County Courthouse and the public is invited to attend.

The event will include an open house tour of the old Beaufort County Courthouse, the state’s second oldest courthouse. Special remarks will be given by the Clerk of Superior Court Marty Paramore followed by Tom Payne, retired Beaufort County Clerk of Court; Billy Mayo, Beaufort County’s longest serving attorney at 91 years old; and Chief Judge Michael Paul. Local historian Terry Rollins will share an account of the Reverend George Washington Carawan, who, according to legend, still haunts the old courtroom to this day. 

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