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Join us in celebrating the bicentennial of the Supreme Court of North Carolina by experiencing the exhibit at the Museum of History and an entertaining and informative documentary.

As part of National Judicial Outreach Week, the American Bar Association is assisting active and retired judges throughout the United States to engage their communities in discussions about liberty, the rule of law, and preservation of fair and impartial courts. Below is a sample PowerPoint presentation that focuses on these themes.

This fact sheet describes North Carolina's three branches of government, and the constitution that creates them. The information is presented in clean and easy-to-read format, and is ready to print and distribute to students.
A convenient list of significant dates in North Carolina history grouped by topic and presented in chronological order. This fact sheet was designed for teachers and educators and is ready to be printed and distributed to students. 
The North Carolina Court of Appeals was established by the General Assembly in 1967. A history of the Court would not be complete, however, without mentioning events that occurred before 1967, following the admonition that the past is prologue.
This document was published 2008 in celebration fo the fortieth anniversary of the first sitting of the court.
The History of the Court of Appeals of North Carolina July 1967 - July 1987 By David M. Britt, retired Justice of the N.C. Supreme Court, Former Judge of the N.C. Court of Appeals.
Between 2016 and 2019, North Carolina will celebrate the 50th anniversaries of the unified court system, the District Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Administrative Office of the Courts; the 200th anniversary of the Supreme Court; and the 240th anniversary of the Superior Court.
A special invitation to celebrate court anniversaries from Chief Justice Mark Martin.
A master list and poster display of all individuals who have served as District Court Judges in North Carolina. The list also includes judges currently serving. Please note that the counties listed are the counties in which they were residing when elected. Districts have changed over the past 50 years and some judges may have served in more than one district although they continued to reside in the same county.