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Event program commemorating the opening of the Wake County Justice Center Monday, July 1, 2013.

The 1970 Annual Report of the Administrative Office of the Courts.  This is the first such report after District Court was implemented in all 100 counties. 

A list of past and present Clerks of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Included are name, dates served, years served, and location.

The North Carolina General Assembly in the Judicial Department Act of 1965 provided for the creation of District Courts as part of the new unified court system.  The implementation of District Courts was achieved through three phases of elections held in 1966, 1968 and 1970. The newly elected District Court Judges took office the first Monday in December following their election.

This resource from the mid-1960s is a collection of explanatory articles from Popular Government reprinted by the North Carolina Courts Commission. Also, included is a memo from Sen. Lindsay C. Warren Jr., Chairman of the N.C. Courts Commission, to the members of the 1967 General Assembly and other Judicial branch staff.  

The North Carolina Court of Appeals was established by the General Assembly in 1967. A history of the Court would not be complete, however, without mentioning events that occurred before 1967, following the admonition that the past is prologue.

Numerous biographies, portrait presentations, and histories are scattered throughout the more than 360 volumes of the North Carolina Reports of the Supreme Court.

The North Carolina Supreme Court Historical Society is an organization dedicated to the preservation of North Carolina's rich legal heritage.

Resources include:

By Judge John W. Smith.  

A revision of articles by this author first appearing as Wilmington's Legal Legacy distributed to The New Hanover County Bar Association between 2002 and 2006. The book is separated into the following four PDFs.

by James Albert House, Jr.
Popular Government, June 1958