• Welcome guests
  • Introduce yourself and explain role in the Judicial Branch, court system, legal community, etc.
  • Encourage active participation from the group
  • Explain the topic that you will talk about

Presentation (15-20 minutes)

  • Judicial Branch and State Government overview (pptx)
  • Ask questions to engage your audience
  • Use speaker material, resources, images, videos, etc. to support your topic
  • Place your own personal touch on your presentation
  • Keep words and content at an age-appropriate level

Show video (10 minutes)

Q & A (5 minutes)

  • Respond with answers, or write down questions and let them know you will find the answer

Handout giveaways

  • Word scramble
  • Bookmark
  • Trifold brochure overview
  • Judicial Branch Pocket Guide


  • Encourage group to learn more at
  • Thank the group for their time and the opportunity to represent the Judicial Branch
  • Discover any other information or material that would benefit the speakers bureau