Master List and Display of District Court Judges by County

A master list and poster display of all individuals who have served as District Court Judges in North Carolina. The list also includes judges currently serving. Please note that the counties listed are the counties in which they were residing when elected. Districts have changed over the past 50 years and some judges may have served in more than one district although they continued to reside in the same county.

District 9A Celebrates District Courts Anniversary

At the March 21, 2016 meeting of the Roxboro Kiwanis Club at Clarksville Station restaurant, the club held what is believed to be the first local event at the judicial district level in observance of the Celebrate N.C. Courts statewide initiative marking foundational milestones and historic anniversaries within North Carolina's Judicial Branch of state government. Kiwanian Alan Hicks, State Bar Councilor for Judicial District 9A consisting of Person and Caswell counties, recognized special guests Judge Marion Warren, Director of the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts; Superior Court Judge Osmond Smith, Chief District Court Judge Mark Galloway; District Court Judge Mike Gentry, District Attorney Wallace Bradsher and Clerk of Superior Court Deborah Barker.

New Hanover County Board of Commissioners Recognize Retired Chief District Court Judge Gilbert Burnett

The New Hanover County Board of Commissioners recognized retired Chief District Court Judge Gilbert Burnett on Monday, February 15, for his dedicated judicial service in New Hanover County. Judge Burnett served the Fifth Judicial District for 23 years, and was a leading judicial innovator for community service work sentencing.

The District Court Judge in North Carolina

by C.E. Hinsdale
Popular Government, November 1965

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